May Social Media Contest!


Our May Social Media Contest Winner was Rhonda K. of San Antonio, TX!

Of the nearly 150 entries, Rhonda’s was selected. Take a look at her winning entry:


Day One: Mr. Neely, I hit the jackpot.   He is amazing and has a way of teaching that helps you to remember things. A touch of laughter with a whole lot of wisdom.  Ms. Victoria Subia, absolutely a joy to listen to speak. Truly knowledgeable and uses personal stories to make things memorable.  

I had an occasion where I could not come to the actual classes due to an injury. Was that a problem? Not for  Ms. Natalie Powell who by the way has a solution for every problem and saved my day by introducing me to ChampionsLive! which by the way is awesome. You literally don’t have to leave your home, the classroom comes to you via computer live classes where you can hear your instructor, and they can see and interact with you. Karen Murchison, from Houston Texas, was my first instructor and she was fantastic and super patient with us. Once again she used personal examples of her own experiences as a Broker which certainly makes it easier to remember.   Now I don’t know how many of you actually notice but me being a tech nerd I did so I don’t want to forget the man behind the scenes who is oh so kind  Mr. Michael Onuka. This man is an angel, and anytime you need anything he is right there on the screen watching and will have results instantly.  

Last but not least the leader of the pack Ms. Natalie Powell, Campus Manager, San Antonio Texas. This woman is a saint. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to throw in the towel and just give up. Ms. Natalie has such a calming voice and is always there to listen. I am pretty sure she will be glad when I am done with this entire process because soon she may have to place me on her income taxes. 🙂 I do mean this when I say Champions has a real winner in this woman and definitely the right person doing the right job. If you ever feel defeated she is your go to person. Natalie, thank you because without you I just might not have had the courage to continue to fight for what I want so badly.  Just another reason why Champions works!  

So long story short – the reason Champions works, and the reason I continue to go to champions is… Teamwork. This school is based on one big family of teamwork. Communication is great, my needs are met and actually catered to in times of need. I admire the dedication that these teachers give to us every day,  how proud they are when they announce to class when someone text to say they just passed their exams.  Someday that will be me until then I thank you for leading me at my own pace down my road to success.  

Thank you, Rhonda K., San Antonio Texas 

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

Rhonda has won a $200 gift certificate to Champions School of Real Estate! Thank you for Participating – Thank you for Choosing to be Champions! 

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