March Instructor Highlight of the Month: Randy Smith


Randy Smith
Dallas / Fort Worth

Question #1: What has been the most rewarding part of your career in working at CSRE?Answer: Three fold; watching other people change careers and become excited about their new career in real estate, then having them call or email me and sharing that excitement . On a personal note, after teaching my first class for Champions, I realized I had finally discovered my passion and purpose in life, and thirdly, being a small part of the growth of Champions, and being a part of the winningest Team of professionals I have ever been associated with; our leadership, career counselors, support staff, and instructors.Question #2: Amongst all the experiences you’ve had since starting at Champions, which is your favorite story you can share with us?

Answer: It’s not so much a ‘story,’ but I can speak to two of the most humbling days I have experienced; being asked in 2010 by Rita to come on board as a full-time Instructor, and being selected as the 2010 Statewide Teacher of the Year. To even be considered for such an award amongst the caliber of instructors we have at Champions, still amazes me. It’s out Team that makes it all work, because our Team is so committed to the student!


Question #3: Give 3 things – little unknown facts, random trivia that we’d be surprised to learn about you.

Answer: Well I can’t think of anything not known to at least someone at Champions, but here goes:

  • I spent most of the 1980’s living and working Southeast Asia and Australia involved in oil and gas, then international banking before getting into real estate back home in Dallas at the age of 32.
  • I was a roughneck on offshore drilling rigs in Brazil before I realized a college education might be in order. I still hold a record for the longest stint spent offshore on a rig at 18 weeks (126 days), working 7-days a week, 12 hour shifts.
  • I have lived and worked in 8 countries other than the US. I have visited 6 continents, including 4 African and 3 Middle Eastern countries, Austalia and New Zealand, and 12 Southesast Asian countries. At age 14 my Dad took me to Russia for an oil summit, that was in 1970. I returned to Russia in 1986 while on a business trip to Germany. My world travels, though limited now, gave me the finest appreciation for and understanding of all the world’s cultures.


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