July Employee Highlight: Natalie Powell



Natalie Powell

Career Counselor at San Antonio Campus

1. What has been the most rewarding part of your career with Champions School of Real Estate?

  • Being able to work with such wonderful people both in San Antonio and across Texas each and every day is an amazing blessing. Not a lot of people in this world can say they love coming to work; however, I certainly can! I truly enjoy working in such a fast-paced and high energy environment, while always learning something new every day. It is truly rewarding to watch students grow and flourish as they discover themselves in a new career. I also love the goals we set as a team and reaching those goals!!

2. Amongst all of the experiences you’ve had since starting at Champions, which is your favorite story you can share with us?

  • When you are working with and for people, it seems like there is something fun and exciting that happens every day here at Champions. Some of my favorite stories, though, are when you get to see and talk to students outside of the classroom. About a year or so ago, my husband and I were out to eat, and our waitress was one of our students. She explained to us that she was working two jobs waiting tables and paid for her classes with the money she made from tips. Since then, I have seen her at various realtor events here in San Antonio, and she is SO happy with her new career…you could just see her joy effervesce in her smile. She said she was so grateful for Champions and the Champions instructors for believing in her and helping her to be successful. Hard work certainly pays off, and we are lucky enough to see that here at Champions.

3. Ok, finally – give me three things – little–known facts, random trivia, etc – that we’d be surprised to learn about you.

  • I attended high school in Okinawa, Japan. There I learned to drive on the opposite side of the road, speak and write some Japanese, and I also started my modeling career.
  • I taught high school English for seven years and coached cheerleading for four years at Allen High School in Allen, Texas.
  • I can play the violin and the piano, I know how to change my own oil in a car, and I can make a mean pecan pie!





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