Homes of the Future: Humanoid Robotics

Americans have always shown an interest in imagining what the future will be like; countless TV shows and films have been made over the years depicting possible futures.  Who can forget the lovable futuristic family, the Jetsons or Marty McFly’s future life (fast-forwarded to 2015, by the way!) was like in Back to the Future?

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If there’s one thing from The Jetsons’ that many would appreciate having, it would have to be a Rosie the Robot in their home – I  know I would! One can only imagine all the benefits having a personal robot to assist in housework and chores.

What if we were to tell you that this future is not so much of an abstract thought anymore? It’s true – the future is coming sooner to us that we think! A Google-owned (of course!) company named Boston Dynamics has an incredible humanoid robot that walks, balances itself, lifts boxes and more… watch at the video below to see for yourself!

Now, for your opinion: how you think this technology will shape the real estate industry?


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