Evernote: A Tool for Mobile Agents


Remember the good ol’ days? The ones before cell phones and even way back… before computers? I remember as a kid going for the first time to Walt Disney World in Florida. I couldn’t wait to ride Space Mountain. Wow! I believe we made a bee-line to it from the front gate. Even though we endured an hour-plus long wait to get on this futuristic space journey, it was all it was advertised. I loved Space Mountain!

What has stuck with me all these years were some of the predictions, or what I thought really… promises, about the coming computer age. “Computers,” the voice said as we clicked towards the top of the ride, “will make all of our lives easier.”

Remember? Oh boy!

Remember the prediction of the four day work week? Where did that thing go?

Who would have ever dreamed that we would walk around with these super computers in our hands. Two gigs of RAM, 64 Bit, quadcore processing computers instantly bringing to us every bit of information possible. Telephones that give instant communication through video chatting, instant messaging, socially corresponding, and talking. It’s amazing we can survive life, let alone business, at this speed!

I don’t know how real estate agents can cope with the mobile, fast paced aspect of business today without some aide to help gather their thoughts, organize information, and help communicate with others. Personally, I have found the answer from using Evernote.

First introduced in beta form in 2008, Evernote has quickly become today’s mobile, tech-forward agent’s tool of choice. Beside effortlessly synching computer, tablet, and phone, Evernote has template capabilities that help keep me organized. Ever tried it?

I use it literally every day in business and in my personal life. Evernote is my favorite tool for organizing research information. Whether planning a vacation or gathering information about a buyer, Evernote gives me the ability to save, access, organize, and share links, text, photos, voice messages, and attachments.

For real estate, I initially used Evernote to just keep information. What I found was that I frequently wrote the same information. What changed was the client’s name. So, I created a folder called Real Estate Templates. In it are templates for the real estate transaction. Here is a list of some of my templates:

Buyer Consultation Pre-Listing Interview
Property Tours The Listing Presentation
Offer and Negotiations The Marketing Checklist
Transaction Checklist Closing Checklist
Contact Information Communications
Repairs and Receipts Prospects

Every time I meet with someone I make a Note about them. I put it in the appropriate Notebook (Organization is vital to my business).

When they are ready to buy or sell then I copy and paste the items in my templates into Notes in their Notebook. I use a lot of checklists from that point forward. Evernote has a simple checkbox tool. It works just like a bullet or numbers. To customize each Note to the specific client, I add photos, documents, emails, and voice notes to my files as I move through the transaction. It’s easy to save mls printouts, tax records, showing feedback and reports in a client’s file.

Was the narrator at Space Mountain right? Is the computer-age, easy? Can be. It’s definitely fast paced!

The mobile agent can make things much easier by staying organized. Evernote is a great help. Download Evernote at www.evernote.com/download for your computer. Load it on your phone and tablet through the Apple App Store or through Google Play.

Just for fun, I wrote this article in Evernote. Here’s to your Success!

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