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It’s been six months into 2015 and we’d like to take a little bit of time to show you what we’re doing behind-the-scenes at Champions School of Real Estate and tell you why becoming a Champion is the best first step as you start building the foundation for your new career.




Brief History

Champions School of Real Estate has enjoyed educating the Texas Real Estate industry since 1983. We were founded over 30 years ago by Rita Santamaria and we have been, since our beginnings, a family owned business.

Before moving too far forward, make sure to take a minute to read more about Champions School of Real Estate founder Rita Santamaria and president Kimberly Dydalewicz, by clicking here.  You’ll see what we mean about family once you take a look!





For Champions

At Champions School of Real Estate, our focus has always been a simple one: providing students with high-quality real estate education in a first-class educational environment.

We provide award-winning Texas pre-licensing and continuing education courses in the classroom, correspondence or online for Real Estate, Loan Origination, Appraisal, Home Inspection and Business Etiquette.





Quality Curriculum

Champions School of Real Estate’s education courses are supported by first-class instructors, quality curriculum and a customer-oriented staff whose mission is to ensure students achieve and maintain success in their real estate career.

Our company has an established Curriculum Development division based out of Houston that is actively researching, writing and keeping up-to-date with the latest changes and advances in the real estate industry.  This division is an integral part of what we provide for students and we are excited that this team is currently exploring ways to use innovative technologies to revolutionize the students online educational experience.






At the time of this blog post’s writing, Forbes magazine named FIVE Texas cities as some of the fastest growing in the country. When 5 of the top 20 “Fastest Growing Cities” in the United States are in Texas, you know we’re doing something right!  You know what else is in every one of those “fastest-growing” Texas cities?

If you guessed Champions School of Real Estate, you guessed correctly!  Champions School of Real Estate currently has nine campus locations in Austin/Round Rock (which also hosts our Online Campus,) Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston (three campuses + Curriculum Development campus,) and San Antonio.  We are where growth is happening.






Our People

As anyone knows, a good company starts with the quality of the people in it.  Like the gears on a fine watch, every employee at Champions School of Real Estate is valued for their contributions to making Champions School of Real Estate the best real estate education provider in Texas.

Champions School of Real Estate has been recognized on numerous occasions at both the local and statewide level for company culture and employee satisfaction. We focus on customer service because we care very much about the students entire experience, from that first phone call to the last day of class.



The Future

Champions School of Real Estate is a progressive company that is always in forward movement.  Amongst the many exciting things we have on the horizon, our first steps into our plans for national expansion are taking firm foothold and are at the forefront of our plans.

Our advancements in technology are surpassing our wildest expectations and we will soon be giving students even more options when it comes to how they choose to take their courses.

This is an exciting ride for Champions throughout the state and we are honestly thrilled that you’ve followed us as we continue move forward together.  Thank you for choosing to be Champions – stay tuned for what is sure to be an exciting ride!




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