When entering the real estate industry, many students want to learn the best practices so they can lead exciting and fruitful careers as real estate professionals. Knowing this, Champions School of Real Estate owner and CEO Rita Santamaria brought together two top-producing real estate professionals and met with them at our ChampionsLive! studios in Houston. Rita interviewed our two Top Producers for over an hours and received the biggest tips from both a seasoned broker with over a decade of experience behind him and a new agent who finished her coursework in 2014  and did 20 transactions during her first …

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 June/July 2015 Issue of Small Business Today Magazine, Houston In the words of General Norman Schwarzkopf: “I think that there is one really fundamental military truth and that’s that you can add up the correlation of forces, you can look at the number of tanks, you can look at the number of airplanes, you can look at all these factors of military might and put the together; but unless the soldier on the ground or the airman in the air has the will to win, has the strength of character to go into battle… all the rest of that stuff …

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    Success, Service and Servant-Leadership “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napoleon Hill –   This months topic for my Champions School of Real Estate blog started off around the topic of  ‘service.’ While providing excellent service to our clients is important, the more I thought about this word ‘service,’ the more often I was led to the word ‘servant,’ and of course a buzz word we hear a good bit about today is ‘servant-leadership.’

  Several people unfamiliar with Home Inspections and Home Appraisals sometimes wonder if they are different names for the same thing – know that though they may sound the same to some, they are very different!   Take a look at the infographic below to learn the difference:      If a material defect is found, and the seller agrees to repair the issue, the work will most likely need to be completed prior to closing.    …and remember:  If you’re interested in pursuing a career in Home Inspection OR Home Appraisal, make sure to turn to Champions School of Real Estate!  

  38 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Sponsoring Company We know how hard it can be for student to choose between so many possible sponsoring companies – how do you know which one will be the right fit for you?  For this reason, Champions School of Real Estate has created this simple – and helpful – list of questions you should strongly consider as you meet and network with potential companies.

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