In the words of General Norman Schwarzkopf: “I think that there is one really fundamental military truth: And that’s that you can add up the correlation of forces, you can look at the number of tanks, you can look at the number of airplanes, you can look at these factors of military might and put them together. But, unless the soldier on the ground or the airman in the air has the will to win, has the strength of character to go into battle…All the rest is irrelevant.” It is each of our employees or associates in the company who, …

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It is time to assess your goals you put in place the first of the year. We are half way through the year and if you are not where you intended to be, ask yourself why not. Here are my personal suggestions for moving your business forward fast and efficiently. As part of the process, you might call your good customers and ask them for any feedback they can give you to increase your business, the second half of the year, to the level you expect it to reach based on your good business planning and goals. Work on your …

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What is Professionalism?

Posted on March 12, 2013

Professionalism is defined as a “person engaged or qualified in their field, an expert, someone certified in an area of their profession”. The word “professional” is tossed around a lot. Everyone has their own image and their own definition of what the word professionalism means to them. Companies have in writing and policy how professionalism is defined and should be demonstrated within that company. The following are universal agreements on the subject of professionalism within most industries: Always performing to the best of your abilities in every aspect of your career is at the top of the list. This may …

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