Randy’s Blog | “Because We Let Them”

Posted on August 21, 2014

At the end of last month’s blog post, I posed this thought-provoking question to any Brokers responsible for leading real estate agents; “Why do your agents not achieve what they say they will achieve?”   The answer to the question may or may not surprise you, but the answer is nevertheless simple and brief; “Because you let them.” Real estate agents are great at making ambitious statements as to what they intend to achieve in terms of production, but when the time comes to account for their actions, most fall short because no one has held them accountable.   Accountability is a word …

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Randy often says, “What we permit we promote,” or as noted author, Ken Blanchard says, “We train people as to how to treat us.” If we are concerned about our clients making demands upon us that go beyond our comfort zone, if our clients are habitually late to meetings, not following our professional instructions, not buying into the business philosophy we promote and follow in the best interests of our client achieving their intended results, generally, treating us on a level less than what we deserve; it’s not the client’s fault, it’s the agent’s fault. If we allow people to …

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