April Instructor Highlight of the Month: John Neely


John Neely
San Antonio Campus

Question #1: In your experience as a Champions School of Real Estate (CSRE) instructor, what can you share with us as being the most significant changes in RE education between the time you started and now?

When classes at CSRE went to the fast track format, the student was able to reduce the time spent in the classroom by half. The instructors adapted by keeping the information relevant as there is no time for idle stories. Judging from constant compliments passed on to me by students, the fast track format is a hit. The students seem to love the fast pace of each class. Therefore, I would say that the implementation of fast track classes at Champions School of Real Estate is the most significant change, and it’s
been a great change.

Question #2: What do you believe contributes to Champions’ success in Texas?

There is a culture at every campus to that provides a caring, learning environment for our students. People tend to learn new information easier when they are comfortable and enjoying the experience.

Question #3: What is your favorite story since you have been at CSRE?

In 2010, I was teaching the PowerHouse Class in San Antonio. One of the students, a recent immigrant from Germany, took the course to help kick start her new Real Estate career. It worked! By following many of the ideas presented during class and in our text books, she reached $10.5 million in sales by her third year. Her sales manager credits the PowerHouse class as the major reason that she is so successful.

Question #4: Give 3 things – little unknown facts, random trivia that we’d be surprised to learn about you.

(John gave us four and we just couldn’t narrow down the list!)

  • I was in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M and lived in the same dorm as Rick Perry. He still recognizes me today, but he calls me by my nickname, Corky.
  • I was a college wrestler at Texas A&M and won my first match against a wrestler from the University of Texas.
  • I had my hand on the button of a nuclear weapon  for a period of time. When I was a Captain in the US Air Force, my job was to sit in an underground missile control center and to be ready to launch WWIII at any moment.
  • I once listed a house that was haunted by the ghosts of two children. My students love it when I tell stories about showing the home to buyers and then having the ghosts make their presence known.
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