Announcement from Rita: Congratulations to our new Champions President

kim presidentKimberly Dydalewicz
President, Champions School of Real Estate
Please join me in congratulating Kimberly Dydalewicz who was promoted April 1, 2014, to her new position with the title of President of Champions School of Real Estate!Kimberly has consistently grown in her role at Champions School of Real Estate as she was campus manager when we opened the Galleria Campus and upon her move to San Antonio we continued to grow in that region to be well known and appreciated by the real estate community in SA.Her leadership and impact when her family moved to Dallas/Ft.Worth helped us enjoy a huge growth in DFW to have the largest presence and market share in that region. And of great importance, in September 2001 Champions School went into the on-line education direction with Kimberly being a major force behind that launch into online classes at the inception. Her experience and outstanding marketing efforts have been a significant factor in our growth across Texas.

The following is a short version of her new role: A high level corporate officer with responsibility for the daily operation of the company is the President, Kimberly Dydalewicz.  The President reports to the CEO, Rita Santamaria. When there is absence of the CEO, the President is the person with ultimate responsibility for final decisions.

Kim will celebrate 16 years with Champions School of Real Estate in August of this year although I would have to say she has been “a fan of Champions School of Real Estate for 31 years”!  Kim has been involved in so many facets of our campus growths from build-out to grand openings, hiring, training, marketing , and ongoing  business development;  it is my pleasure to promote her with the corresponding well-deserved title of President.

There are some who believe when you are a child of a business owner and you work in that company, everything comes easy for that individual. In fact that child or relative will openly hear those remarks from time to time. “It is quite the opposite”. The child of this business owner is focused, works after hours at home, generally 6-7 days a week or whatever it takes to get her task lists completed and has always demonstrated her desire to be a great employee and good example to others. Her honesty and good character of always finding the best in people are what I am most proud.  Her intelligence of what makes our business consistently grow shows in all of her successes.  I believe in 2006 she left Houston and moved to San Antonio to gain her own identity and the business respect of others.  Kimberly, you have accomplished those goals in so many ways!

With love and pride,

Your mom,
Rita D. Santamaria
Owner and President
Champions School of Real Estate®
Champions School of Professional Development
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