Allan Hancock’s App of the Month: bethere


App of the Month: bethere

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Why:  bethere is the coolest way to know in advance where friends & others are planning to be. Post what venue you’ll be at and bethere will remind you to take a snap when you arrive!

Cost: Free

What bethere Does:  “bethere is a new app for iPhone centred around finding great places to hang out and telling your friends when you’ll be there. It’s a new kind of social networking app that every socialite should have.

This app picks up where Facebook’s Check-ins leave off. Facebook’s feature of checking-in to a location is great but not inherently useful as an invitation service. Usually by the time someone sees a check-in on Facebook, the party or event is already over. bethere allows users to check-in to a location or event ahead of time. That, in of itself, is inherently far more useful.

bethere works by showing you a list of places and events your friends plan to be attending. All you have to do is hit “Be There” and you’ll be added to the list of attendees. Not only can you see where your friends are planning to be, you can see a list of folks attending that you don’t know. A heads up, of sorts.” – Killer App Review

Pricing Plans: Free

Screen Shots:

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