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Determine if you qualify to become a broker. Check to see if you have:

- Been an active Sales Agent for 4 years

- 900 credit hours

- 3600 TREC transaction points?

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Reasons to Get a Brokers License

Champions School of Real Estate Catalog Why Get A Real Estate Broker's License
  1. "It is the only designation that the general public, your customer, recognizes." "Experienced agents and new people should get their broker's license as quickly as possible."

  2. "You can advertise on your cards and marketing materials, Broker-Associate." Most sales agents get a broker's license but prefer to associate or stay with their firm. They do not get it to open their own firm although they certainly could with a broker's license.

  3. The consumer only recognizes the word, "broker" and often asks the question of the agent, "are you a broker?" It doesn't mean they have less confidence in you; it does mean they recognize that word as being a specialist in the industry.

  4. You want to be a specialist. The law of marketing is if you can't be first in an area, be a specialist in an area.
  • You must be a active licensed real estate Sales Agent for a minimum of 48 months before taking your Texas State Broker's exam.
  • You must achieve a total of 3600 experience points in 4 years of the last 5 years
  • The educational requirement for obtaining a Texas broker license is a total of 900 hours, 270 of those hours must be in core subjects (MCE does not count as core).
  • All of the pre-license (core hours), SAE (core hours) and MCE (related hours) courses count.
  • A College degree may give you the maximum credit of 630 hours related hours. Even a number of courses taken in college without a degree can add up to a lot of related hours.
  • Everyone has to have a minimum of 270 Core hours.
*TREC will not evaluate for Broker's hours needed until the person has a Sales Agent's license; however, any licensed agent can go on the www.trec.state.tx.us site and check how many hours they have accumulated from all their approved TREC classes.

Broker's Requirements
Core Hours Related Hours
270 630
Pre-license and SAE courses College Degree and MCE courses

  • All on-line MCE courses are additional hours counted towards real estate related broker's hours and all home study courses count as well. They have different numbers attached to them.
  • All MCE correspondence courses count since their numbers are different every two years. Again, you may have more hours than you imagined banked for broker's license.
  • All core 30 hour courses (including the courses you took to obtain your Texas real estate license and your SAE courses) count towards your real estate brokers core hours.
  • You can start working on these courses anytime. And while waiting the four years to sit for the Broker's exam, you can be taking these courses.
  • TREC allows a person to repeat and receive credit for any course after the 2 year anniversary date of having originally taken the course.
  • Correspondence-Online and home study are additional delivery methods that will count toward broker credit.

Set yourself apart. Get your Texas Real Estate Broker's license.

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