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4 Steps to a Texas Real Estate License

Have you ever considered getting a real estate license in Texas? You can now get your real estate license in Texas in 4 simple steps. Sign up today and take a step towards your new career.

Step 1
Take the required real estate license courses at Champions School of Real Estate®

Estimated time to Complete: 3 - 6 Weeks

The following 6 courses are required by TREC for anyone who seeks to earn a Texas Real Estate License:

  • Principles I
  • Principles II
  • Law of Agency
  • Law of Contracts
  • Finance I
  • Promulgated Contract Forms

To learn more about our Real Estate Licensing programs, select a program to the right.

Step 2
Submit your Application for Inactive Salesperson License and Educational Documents to the "My License" system.

Estimated time to Complete: 7 - 10 Days for Approval

Once you have completed your courses at Champions, you will now need to submit your education and inactive salesperson application to TREC in the "My License" system on the Texas Real Estate Commission’s website at trec.texas.gov. Click on "Register HERE to set up a user ID and password" and follow the steps to create an account. Once an account is created you will apply for a new license. The application fee for a Real Estate Salesperson license is $163.

Be sure to submit all of your course completion certificates to TREC via Fax (preferred) or Email:

FAX: 512-936-3863
Email: education@trec.texas.gov
Step 3
Take the Real Estate Exam Prep Class at Champions School of Real Estate®

Estimated time to Complete: 2 Days

While your application is being evaluated, we strongly recommend that you complete the state Prep course to ensure you are ready for the State Exam. This class takes the guess work and stress out of testing and you may repeat the course as many times as you want for free up to a full year!

Step 4
Receive Your Letter from the State & Take the State Exam at PSI.

Estimated time to Complete: 7 to 10 Days

Once you receive your approval letter and the "Candidate Information Brochure" (CIB) from TREC, you must schedule to take your exam with PSI Examination Services. Appointments can be made by calling (800) 733-9267 or visiting www.psiexams.com. The cost is $61 payable to PSI. You must pass the exam with a 70% or higher and you will know if you have passed the exam before you leave the testing center. NOTE: You must pass the state exam within 12 months of the application approval. Also, do not forget to download your FAST Print Pass http://www.trec.state.tx.us/FASTPass/ using the nine digit ID number from your award letter and get your finger prints done.

About the State Exam

Your state exam is divided into two sections, National and State, and will consist of 110 questions with a total of 2.5 hours to complete the exam. 80 Questions will be National with 1.45 hours to complete, while 30 questions will be State with 45 minutes to complete. You will know if you have passed the exam before you leave the testing center. If you have submitted your sponsorship form already, your license will be mailed to your sponsoring broker within 7-10 days of passing the exam. Otherwise, you will be considered "inactive" until you choose a broker and submit the Request to Sponsor Salesperson Applicant form.

Ultimate Goal: Obtain your Real Estate Broker's License. By meeting these Texas real estate license requirements and taking your courses at Champions, you are already on your way!
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