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Certified Pool/Spa Operator® Certification

Champions School of Real Estate Catalog Certified Pool/Spa Operator® Certification
  • Water chemistry, testing, chemical additions and safety
  • Calculations for efficient operations
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Safety considerations
  • Energy management
  • Pool/Spa inspection/checklist
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The CPO® Certification is an assurance to pool, spa and water feature owners that they are working with trained professionals. Some benefits include reduced liability and potential insurance savings; compliance with state and local regulatory requirements; and knowledge of the latest technical advancements.

Inspection CE 16-Hour Course

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Pool & Spa Certification


This course is designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques and skills of Pool and Spa operation, including inspection techniques and processes.

This course includes discussion questions, terminology, homework, and exams, all designed to enable you to target the most relevant topics and thorough understanding of the materials.


Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • CPO and CPI Certification
  • Calculations for efficient operations
  • Circulation/filtration
  • Safety considerations
  • Energy and Pool management
  • Preventative maintenance/checklist
  • Pool/Spa inspection/checklist
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Pool & Spa Operator - Additional Courses (Not for Credit)

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Aquatic Facility Audits


An audit is an integral component to the risk management plan. Whether you are a facility manager, a service company, a consultant, a builder, or a retailer, conducting audits should be a regular, scheduled activity. Properly conducting an audit does require a clear understanding of the purpose and process. An illustrated, color handbook is included with the online course.

Identifying hazards and correcting them will create a safer facility by:

  • Reducing illness and injury rates
  • Reducing worker’s compensation claims
  • Empowering employees by involving them in the activities that affect their own safety
  • Increasing job satisfaction
  • Making the facility more competitive
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Aquatic Play Feature


Understand how to manage facilities with water features. The course focuses on operations and risk reduction to the users, the employees, and the facility itself. If you operate, manage or service an aquatic play feature, large or small, this training is a must for you. An illustrated, full color handbook is included with the online course.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The different types of aquatic play features
  • How to maintain good water quality
  • Unique staff and public management guidance
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Electrical Safety


This lesson is designed for employees with a low risk of exposure to electrical hazards. It covers general electrical safety in the workplace including the proper use of portable electrical equipment, such as appliances and tools, extension cords, and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI).


  • Potential electrical hazards.
  • Proper use of extension cords and GFCI’s
  • Types of injuries from electric shock and emergency response to electrical injury.
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Field Service Professional


This course is designed to show service pros and pool operators how to do routine maintenance at residential and commercial pools. The Field Service Professional online training is perfect for those new to the industry and those who just want a refresher. Loaded with how-to videos, the interactive training teaches about circulation systems, filters, chemical dosing systems, heaters, cleaning and vacuuming systems, automatic controllers, and acid washing. Includes a 38-page handbook in PDF format that can be downloaded after course purchase.

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Home Pool Essentials


Residential pool and hot tub owners appreciate having a basic understanding of pool/spa operation and safety. What better source than the American Red Cross and the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Proceeds from this course support your local American Red Cross Chapter.

The HPE course is an ideal way to help the homeowner learn how to operate, prevent accidents, and prevent damage to the pool/spa that can avoid a warranty claim. Includes a resource guide as part of the online course.

Home and hot tub owners will learn:

  • The basic types of equipment and what they do
  • The most common water problems
  • Unique features of hot tubs
  • How to make the pool/hot tub area safer for your family and guests
  • The main elements of an emergency action plan
  • Three emergency action steps
  • The safety equipment that should be in the pool/hot tub area
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Pool Operator Primer


You can quickly improve your knowledge and reduce risk by taking this engaging, interactive program on the fundamentals of pool and spa operation. In eight lessons, you will work through material covered in the NSPF® Pool & Spa Operator® Handbook, the textbook for the CPO® certification course. You will have online course access for six months and successful completion of all lessons earns you a Record of Completion. This can also be your first step to earning CPO® Certification. NSPF Pool & Spa Operator Handbook included.

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Pool & Spa Basics Online Training


The Pool & Spa Basics online training course is designed to quickly get you up to speed on the basics of pool and spa operation. The training is designed to meet the needs of those individuals new to pool and spa operation and maintenance. Students will learn about different types of pools and spas, materials, and construction, circulation and filtration, maintenance and troubleshooting, and much more.

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Water Chemistry Basics
Provides individuals with basic knowledge about water chemistry, water testing, and chemical dosing.
This course is not approved for CE credit
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Texas Home Inspection Pool Education Course - Water Chemistry Basics Correspondence Home Study

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